Site Wide Links OR An In-Content Link

Credit: recently had the pleasure of tweeting with Bill Slawski about a topic that I had briefly discussed with Brian Chappell at Search Exchange in Charlotte, NC. This post will be expanded in the future, but for now I just want to make sure I’ve got a record of this excellent conversation.

This is a great example of how SEO’s break down the value of different types of links and it shows why the quality consultants in this industry provide value to their clients, in excess of what a designer/developer would typically call “SEO.”

From Twitter on the evening of 5/20/2010:

timstaines: @bill_slawski if U could get a site wide link from a site with ~50 pages or 1 in-content link on 1 page of same site, which would it be?

bill_slawski: @timstaines There are so many other factors that I would want to look at besides whether a link were site wide or in main content of a page

timstaines: @bill_slawski there are many other factors, but consider it a brand new page on the site with 1 link vs. a site wide link on 50 other pages [Read more…]

Google vs. Cuil

Is Cuil going to rank this?

I love that this post ranks on the first page of Cuil (along with a bunch of other posts from this site):

I have to admit that this pretty much proves (from my perspective) that Cuil is a significantly less useful search engine than Google.

Let’s see if Cuil ranks this one on the first page for a search on ‘Tim Staines.’


Search Engine Optimization – A necessary evil?

There has been a lot of chatter in my industry recently with regard to SEO or Search Engine Optimization having negative connotations. My boss describes this SEO phenomena on his blog. The fact is, most of the negative stereotypes are based on situations where website owners, seeking a quick profit at low cost, were taken advantage because they didn’t know what they were buying.

Solid Search Engine Optimization is time consuming and detailed work that doesn’t result in overnight windfalls of profit or massive upward shifts in traffic to a site. Sure there are ways to profit on the quick [Read more…]