You can think of me as a Marketing Director that you can pay by the day or by the hour. I’m most valuable in a strategic role, working with you to develop a plan and then overseeing its execution  After that, we evaluate our campaign(s) and determine next steps, repeating the cycle.

You can pay me to implement the plan — I’ll do whatever is in my area of expertise, and contract out the rest to people I trust — but generally, you’ll get a better return on investment if I can work directly with someone on your team once we get to the tactical level.

I charge $800/day (8 hours) or $125/hour, with payment accepted in advance. Your 12th day in a 12-month period will be free, as will your 24th day, your 36th day, etc.

You can check out my LinkedIn profile for references: Feel free to connect with me there if you’re interested in my services.